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1.50 EUR for 1 DAY access, one proxy is an average 33.37 hours online,
payable via paypal or bitcoin.


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21.02.2019 - price change for 24 hours access, because of fee
07.01.2019 - password reset implemented
30.12.2018 - prices changed

Why use a proxy? Use a proxy to surf the internet anonymously,
reach internet sites, which are restricted by your country or provider
or use proxies for search engine optimization, cracking illegal sites, proxy chaining, etc.

You can choose a 24 hours (1.50 €), 7 days (5 €) or 30 days (14.95 €) subscription.

* Attention: There is no guarantee that the proxy will work and how long it will be online!
Also not every proxies will work in every program!
Every proxy is checked 30 minutes!
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